How a Termite Inspection Can Help You With Termite Pest Control Lane Cove

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably aware that termites and pest control are often in conflict. In other words, termites aren’t necessarily insects; they are in fact “ground beetles.”

Homeowners need to make sure their homes are pest free. This is especially true if they have a wood floor or some type of wood structure in their home. The reason is simple: termites will feed on the wooden portions of a home, then as the termites leave the wood and burrow under it, the damage is severe. If you don’t take care of this issue, there could be catastrophic damage.

Many homes can benefit from termite pest control Lane Cove. They can determine if the house needs termite treatment, which can sometimes be necessary if the damage is significant. However, sometimes, homeowners may not know they have termites until the termite damage becomes substantial.

Of course, if your house isn’t really infested with termites, your main goal would be for you to try to remove them and get a termite treatment done. There are many types of products on the market today that do a great job on termite treatment. When you see a product on the market, you’ll want to contact a professional, one who specializes in treating termites.

With termites, you also want to be sure that the chemicals used are safe for humans. Make sure that the pesticide doesn’t contain any chemicals that can cause health problems if ingested.

Sometimes a termite inspection isn’t enough. Sometimes, after extensive treatment, your house will still have termites, as the pests have found a way to hide. You’ll have to rely on termite pest control Lane Cove for the job.

Usually, termite pest control Lane Cove will do a detailed analysis of your home and will tell you what should be done to prevent re-infestation. What an exterminator will do is perform a “termite inspection” of your home. In order to know if an infestation exists, he or she will be able to identify the structure that’s infected. The “inspection” will include finding out what types of organisms are present.

Once the “inspection” is complete, termite pest control Lane Cove will evaluate the site to see how deep into the structure the termites have reached. Termites are usually found in wood structures. Once the termite control specialist knows the exact location of the infestation, they will begin treatment.

There are two ways that termite control can be performed: direct and indirect methods. Direct treatment is when you apply a chemical directly to the structure that you suspect is infested. Indirect treatment occurs when you cut and remove the infested area of the wood, and then apply the chemical yourself.

Wood treatment involves applying a pesticide directly to the structure in order to kill the pests. The chemicals will also keep the structure clean and free of wood decay, which is a major problem with wood treatment. A number of different chemicals are used in both indirect and direct treatment.

Homeowners can use equipment that is used in commercial equipment for treating wood. However, as with all the equipment, you need to be careful about the process. Be sure to consult a professional pest control company about the equipment that you’re considering using, because their experience will give you an idea of how safe and effective it will be.

In the end, a termite inspection is very important. If you suspect that you may have termites, seek the services of Local Lane Cove Pest Control.

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